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“Market awash with products to meet demand”: AFR

Investors should be wary of research about ESG published by fund managers when the research serves their interests. Without a centralised body dictating what qualifies as pro-ESG, the market is being dictated to by well-fed PR machines determined to greenwash some market players at the expense of others, according to Alvia Asset Partners Director.

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“The importance of a holistic asset allocation approach”: Alvia Asset Partners’ Chris Scarpato talks to ausbiz

Alvia Asset Partners' Chris Scarpato talks to ausbiz and outlines the risks of home bias in Aussie portfolios, debunks the belief that ETFs are risk-free and can be relied on as long-term wealth creation vehicles and the importance of a holistic asset allocation approach.

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Investment in Customised Waste Solution to Meet Surge in Demand Proves Non-Toxic

A boutique investment firm, along with private investor Declan Sherman and several high net-worth family clients have backed sector-focused waste management company Pure, in response to a surge in demand for more customised hazardous waste remediation. 

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“Why being ‘sophisticated’ isn’t always smart for investors”: AFR

A ‘sophisticated investor’ as one who is able to quantify risk effectively. But this is highly nuanced, since the investor also needs to be able to match this risk with their appetite and experience with investment complexity.This is the real sticking point with the current measure of sophistication – it has little bearing on an investor's understanding of risk.

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“A ‘perfect storm’ for M&A may not lead to 2022 crash”: Alvia Asset Partners’ Chris Scarpato talks to ausbiz

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“Pitting good versus evil in the world of thematic ETFs”: AFR

Be sure to uncover what's 'under the hood' when investing in theme-based or thematic ETFs. Simply trusting a catchy title does not constitute sufficient due diligence, according to Alvia Asset Partners CIO.

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“A Referee-Less Game”: Alvia Asset Partners’ Chris Scarpato talks to ausbiz

Alvia Asset Partner's Chris Scarpato discusses with Nadine Blayney why it's time to marry the narrative to the facts - and in turn, ensure ESG-friendly stocks really do stack up against the prices which they bear.

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“Business World Far From Investors’ Ideal”: AFR Letter to the Editor

Jonathan Shapiro’s article (“Wealthy families falling behind in managing their fortunes”, 13 Sept) quoting Dillon Hale gave voice to many of the concerns felt by those of us in the industry who actively avoid the old-school practices of some players still keen to engage in ‘hyperactive buying and selling in portfolios’ that put a client’s capital and legacy at risk.

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Without a Ref it’s Easy to Game an ESG Contest

Without a universally recognised regulator to define what makes a strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) performer, gaming the system for a top score comes down to how much cash is on hand to power the PR machine, according to an investment firm CIO.

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Egalitarian Approach to High Conviction Fund Proves Lucrative for the Collective

Boutique investment firm Alvia Asset Partners is giving its clients equal access to opportunities through their high-performing High Conviction Fund to help every client get a firm foothold on the wealth ladder.

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Millennials Urged to Scratch Away the Veneer of Thematic ETFs Before Piling On

Are thematic ETFs just a cunning sales gimmick to entice millennials to ‘pile on’ to a trending topic, or a genuine trading vehicle that’s likely to perform? An investment firm CIO is urging investors to dig deeper or risk buying into pure fantasy, not reality.

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Boutique Investment Firm Breaks the Rules in Gold Medal Contest Against Industry Goliath

A flat-out refusal to play by the same rules has seen fresh-faced boutique investment management firm Alvia Asset Partners go up against industry heavyweight Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Australia as one of just four finalists in the nation’s IMAP Managed Fund Awards 2021.

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