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Death, Taxes and…Drawdowns

Quarter 2: June 2022. Well, we’ve just had another quarter of reminders that the only certainty in life, is uncertainty.  For us, it is good to see a lot of the themes we’ve been discussing and writing to you about play out:  No one is spared from a reversion to the mean (even US tech companies); Valuation does matter; and Great investing requires you to challenge the common narrative. Josh Derrington, CIO of Alvia Asset Partners also discusses highlights from a recent interview involving one of his all time favourite investors. 


Resuscitation of Value…ation

Quarter 1: March 2022. With the current macro environment feeling like a bubbling cauldron about to overflow, we explore the key paradigm shifts we are seeing, Australia's royalties and stamps economy and how the 60/40 portfolio may be no more. Josh Derrington, CIO of Alvia Asset Partners also questions why investors are so infatuated with utilising leverage.


ARKKs Don’t Always Float

Quarter 4: December 2021. With inflation concerns finally becoming a hot topic, is it time for a touch of Volcker? This quarter we explore which assets have historically performed well during inflation. We share Alvia's thinking heading into 2022 and explain why we think great farmers and great investors aren't that different. Josh Derrington, CIO of Alvia Asset Partners also shares his thoughts on the current investment markets



Quarter 3: September 2021. This quarter we explore the Wall Street sell-side machine, ESG overload and the “add-back economy” amongst our analysis and observations of the markets. Alvia Asset Partners CIO Josh Derrington also shares his etchings from investment post-mortems.


Narrative over Numbers

Quarter 2: June 2021. As we discuss regularly, investing is an imperfect science. Anyone that talks to perfect estimates and forecasts does so out of self-interest and ego.


What’s the hurry Rick?

Quarter 1: March 2021. Another eventful quarter has come to an end, full of fierce speculation and get rich schemes – not quite peak exuberance but we feel we are on the way.



Quarter 4: December 2020. I think we can all agree that 2020 was an all-around atypical year and it is entirely possible that the strangeness will carry through well into 2021.


The Pending Growth Trap

Quarter 3: September 2020. Valuations in many corners of the market would make you think that the COVID-19 pandemic was a distant memory.


Death of Value…ation

Quarter 2: June 2020. We are sure we can all agree that 2020 has been truly unique and certainly not for the faint hearted!


Doom & Bloom – Part 2

Quarter 1: March 2020. We felt it was timely to share our answers to the numerous questions we've received in increased regularity.


Doom & Bloom – Part 1

Quarter 1: March 2020. It may feel like we are in a dark forest, with no end in sight, with bad news constantly spooking us from every direction.


Team Insights – Q4 December 2019

Quarter 4: December 2019: Reflecting on the decade that was – the 2010’s. During the early stages of the 2010’s, markets were climbing the wall of worry...fast forward to the end of 2019 and investor sentiment has certainly changed.


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