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We’re not in Kansas Anymore Toto

Q1 March 2024: Investor sentiment has undergone a huge shift in just a year. The prevailing consensus, dubbed the "soft landing," has spurred a significant rally in equities...

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Q4 December 2023: The final quarter of the year closed out one of the more perplexing periods for investment markets we've witnessed. Despite a shrinking Fed balance sheet...

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“Until 2024 at the earliest” ex-Governor Lowe

Q3 September 2023: As we head towards Christmas, the investment team believes a great risk-adjusted opportunity exists to be tactical with your asset allocation. This involves both rebalancing at the....

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The name’s Bonds, Fixed Bonds

Q2 June 2023: That marks half-time for what has very much been another "risk-on" year-to-date. We look forward to seeing how the second half plays out....

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