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Team Insights – Q2 June 2019

Quarter 2: June 2019. “What if the cost of capital never rises again?” To ponder this is an interesting exercise but largely futile...


Team Insights – Q1 March 2019

Instead of giving you an update on how the market performed, what new economic data has been published etc… we thought we would provide you with a look at investor behaviour.


Team Insights – Q4 December 2018

Quarter 4: December 2018. Sentiment has shifted and as per history boredom has given way to worry, worry has given way to fear - let’s see if panic kicks in.


Team Insights – Q3 September 2018

Quarter 3: September 2018. In a stormy market, the value investing discipline becomes crucial...


Team Insights – Q2 June 2018

Quarter 2: June 2018. As we know, history doesn’t always repeat, but it does often rhyme.


Team Insights – Q1 March 2018

Quarter 1: March 2018. Quote of the Quarter: “[Those holding cash] are going to feel pretty stupid” – Ray Dalio, Feb 2018


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