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“Former QIC CIO Coaxed Out Of Retirement”: Industry Moves

Former QIC investment chief Jim Christensen has been coaxed out of retirement to chair a Brisbane-based firm's investment advisory committee.

Many thanks to Elizabeth Fry for including Director Eddie Barrett and Jim Christensen’s recent comments in her article: “Former QIC CIO Coaxed Out Of Retirement”:

Alvia’s head of operations Eddie Barrett said he was delighted to have someone with such a distinguished career join the committee.

“Our strategy has always been to focus on generating absolute returns for our clients, regardless of market fluctuations, and to re-educate clients on how to approach risk when it comes to managing wealth,” Barrett said. “And Jim’s investment philosophy strongly complements this approach.”

Christensen said he joined Alvia as he saw a great opportunity to share his perspective and work alongside a group of driven and enthusiastic professionals and their clients.

“It’s exciting to be involved at the coal face with the next generation of investment leaders, and I share the Alvia team’s passion for researching far and wide for the best risk-adjusted opportunities,” he said.

“Former QIC CIO Coaxed Out Of Retirement, Elizabeth Fry (Industry Moves, Feb 24, 2022)

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