Alvia Asset Partners’ core business is identifying and managing investments for clients which achieve their individual goals and objectives. Our approach to investment management is flexible and can be implemented to achieve your specific needs.

We can support you in the role of your overarching investment manager or we can simply assist with the management of investments within specific asset classes.


1. Overarching investment manager role

In this role, Alvia oversees all investments, ensuring they are made in conformance with your investment charter or goals. This may incorporate:

  • Managing funds within Alvia’s model portfolios, High Conviction Fund and private investment opportunities;
  • Managing investments with external managers;
  • Offering a panel of service providers to ensure competitive rates are received for key services, such as banking products;
  • A customised fixed income portfolio managed by a specialised Fixed Income Portfolio Manager appointed by Alvia.

Alvia also provides investment advisory services, establishing a framework to guide and govern the management of your investments. Further details on Alvia’s investment advisory services can be found here.

Alvia acts as a dedicated family investment advisor to a number of families, whereby we are retained in an overarching capacity as the family’s independent advisor or outsourced CIO. The focus of this role is to ensure the family’s investment objectives and mutually determined asset allocation framework are met, via a collegiate approach, whereby we are retained to act as an extension of the family with a specialist investment function.


2. Investment manager of select asset classes

Alvia offers five asset class orientated model portfolios, in addition to a unitised High Conviction Fund and private investment opportunities. Alvia can manage funds within a specific model portfolio or a selection of portfolios, if best suited to your needs. To access further information on our five model portfolios please click here.

Alvia is happy to fit in amongst our clients’ existing advisory or manager networks. As an example, some of our clients are comfortable with managing their own Australian equities portfolio however wish to diversify beyond this and seek advice more broadly on asset allocation.

Alvia recently partnered with a family who has significant Australian private property and Australian equities holdings, with the sole mandate of utilising the income from these core holdings to broaden the portfolio to incorporate international equities and alternatives, to reduce portfolio volatility and drawdown risk.


3. Performance reporting and analysis

To complement Alvia’s investment advisory and investment management capabilities, we provide a comprehensive performance reporting and analysis service. This service is particularly important for clients who have investments across multiple entities and must ensure that the group’s investments are in accordance with an agreed upon investment charter/asset allocation.

This service provides complete transparency through detailed performance reporting and analysis. The reporting allows for appropriate investment decisions to be made at both a consolidated and an individual entity level, effectively closing the loop to ensure that the actual investment outcomes achieved and the level of risk taken to achieve them, are consistent with the investment charter.

Alvia’s performance reporting and analysis offer also includes monthly and quarterly market and portfolio updates from the investment team and unique thought pieces, prepared by the team, covering various investing topics.


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