Alvia Asset Partners' five model portfolios provide clients with access to the investment team’s highest conviction investment ideas for each major asset class in the investment universe.

When acting as the overarching investment manager, we invest across these model portfolios in such a way as to achieve an asset allocation aligned with the unique risk and return objectives of our clients.

Alvia has numerous clients who prefer a more hands-off approach to their passive investments and consequently utilise our model portfolios to fulfil asset allocation needs in line with a target absolute return that they aspire to achieve over the long term.

  • Australian Equities

    Australian Equities

    Index and sector unaware portfolio of companies listed on the the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

  • International Equities

    International Equities

    Index, sector and geographically unaware portfolio of companies listed on international stock exchanges in developed and emerging markets

  • Fixed Income Investments

    Fixed Income Investments

    Portfolio of select Australian credit managers, in addition to debt securities listed on the ASX. For clients with larger fixed income investment mandates, Alvia can offer a portfolio of direct investments in select Australian government and corporate bonds

  • Property Portfolio

    Property Portfolio

    Portfolio of select real estate investment trusts or REITs listed on the ASX

  • Alternative Investments

    Alternative Investments

    Selection of infrastructure, commodities, currencies and fund manager investments with a low or negative correlation to equities


Client Situation

A client recently inherited a large Australian equities portfolio as part of their father’s estate.

What did we do?

The ongoing operation of this portfolio was outsourced to our team. We diversified the portfolio more broadly across our asset class model portfolios and in line with the newly updated investment objectives of the second-generation client.

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