For high net worth individuals, families and family offices, Alvia often act as an ‘inhouse’ investment committee, developing an overriding framework to drive the achievement of client-specific financial goals and objectives.

We work closely with our clients to define these goals and objectives and then determine the risk / return profile required to achieve them. From here a framework detailing the strategy, governance and management of our client’s wealth is developed.

This framework brings the rigour of an institutional investment committee to one’s wealth, ensuring the goals and objectives of each client underpin every decision.

The key deliverables which make up our investment advisory service offering are outlined below.

When providing Investment Advisory services, Alvia often also provides some, or all of, a client’s investment management services. Further details on our personalised investment management offering can be found here.

  • Investment Charter

    Investment Charter

    Joint goals and objectives incorporating any capital or income requirements

  • Investment Strategy

    Investment Strategy

    Including strategic asset allocation and tactical asset allocation guidelines

  • Investment Committee

    Investment Committee

    Meeting reguarly to oversee and govern the wealth management framework

  • Policies & Guidelines

    Policies & Guidelines

    Guidance for the investment of one's wealth

  • Ongoing Advice

    Ongoing Advice

    Advice for any client directed investments


Client Situation

A patriarch of a large family whose wealth had accumulated in an ASX listed vehicle, decided he would like to transition a significant portion of the wealth to the next generation.

What did we do?

An investment company was seeded with a corpus of capital and an investment charter, asset allocation strategy and a formal investment committee was established to fulfil the objectives of the patriarch and the ongoing needs of the investment

To monitor the objectives of the corpus and to ensure they are met, Alvia undertakes the role of investment committee member and advisor to the family, providing regular meetings and reporting to track progress.

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