The Alvia High Conviction Fund was born out of ongoing requests for an investment management offering which required an investment minimum much lower than that typically required to access multi-Family Office investment expertise and investment ideas.

This Fund provides exposure to a portfolio of the investment team’s best ideas across all asset classes, sectors, and geographies. To ensure a high degree of alignment, the Alvia investment team invests in the Fund alongside our clients.

Alvia’s long-term, capital preservation-first approach extends to this product. Our focus remains solely on achieving sustainable, long-term absolute returns, rather than returns relative to a benchmark.

The Fund’s investment process is founded on the underlying principle that good investing requires a solid temperament as much as strong analysis.

Investing is principled upon long-term compounding of returns and not short-term speculative price forecasts. All of the Fund’s investments are subject to a rigorous five step review process, consistent with the approach used across Alvia’s five asset class model portfolios.


Key Fund information

The below table includes the key Fund information, with further information available in the Fund’s information memorandum (IM), which is available at the link below. You should read the IM carefully and assess whether an investment in the Fund is appropriate for you in respect of your objectives, financial situation and needs.

Structure Open-ended, single class, unregistered managed investment scheme structured as a unitised trust (wholesale investors only)
Investment Mandate Unconstrained, incorporating listed securities, managed funds and private companies; Long and short positions
Investment Timeframe The fund is suited to investors with a medium to long-term investment horizon
Pricing Frequency Monthly (weekly applications and monthly redemptions)
Pricing Currency Australian dollar (unhedged)
Minimum Investment $50,000 (please refer to IM for additional investment options)
Absolute Return Target 8-12% p.a.
Absolute Return Benchmark 6% p.a.
Fees (excl. GST) Management fee: 0.90% p.a.; Performance fee: 15% p.a. of any outperformance of the Absolute Return Benchmark

An illustrative example of the types of investments that could be held in the fund’s portfolio can be found in the table below.

Investment description Asset classes Weight
Cash Cash 5%
Long-term Compounders Listed and over-the-counter (OTC) equities 28%
Asset Value Plays Listed and OTC property, infrastructure and equities 19%
Cyclical Opportunities Listed and OTC equities 12%
Income Buttresses Listed and OTC property, infrastructure and equities 14%
Portfolio Hedges Commodities (listed and OTC) and cash 12%
Unlisted Co-investments Unlisted securities 10%
TOTAL 100%

Please find links below to the Alvia High Conviction Fund Profile, the latest monthly performance for the fund, the information memorandum and application form.

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