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The Alvia investment team have extensive experience working with a broad range of clients with distinct goals, differing objectives and diverse perspectives. We are flexible, accessible and dynamic in our approach. Our objective is to achieve excellent investment outcomes for each of our clients, through a tailored service offering, unique to their individual circumstances. Given our flexible service offering, we partner with a diverse range of clients.

Our clients

High Net Worth Families and Family Offices
High Net Worth Families and Family Offices

It is likely that your family has had a successful generation or multiple successful generations and believe it is the right time to change pace.

In most cases, this is a challenging transition – moving away from being an active business owner and operator to having a material amount of liquidity that must be well managed to preserve the family’s wealth for current and future generations.

The team at Alvia has extensive experience working with families, who have operated businesses across a multitude of industries, to make this transition.

Before any major investment decisions are made, it is essential that an investment charter, strategy and implementation plan are agreed within the family, providing the best opportunity for the family to achieve its goals and objectives over the long term. We bring the rigour of an ‘inhouse’ investment committee and remain alongside you with the ongoing investment management.

If you have made this transition some time ago and are looking for a new team to assist with your investment governance and management, we are well credentialed in this space and will partner with you to develop a solution that meets your needs.

Business Owners
Business Owners

We understand the demands and requirements of running your own business. We have owned and operated business ourselves and worked with many business owners.

The success of your business and caring for your family is your focus, first and foremost, often leaving your wealth management and long-term aspirations, short of the attention they require.

The investment team at Alvia can help you with your passive investments, by developing a robust investment charter and plan that considers your business operations in conjunction with the goals, objectives and aspirations for investments outside of these active interests.

Diversification is key when running a business and the introduction of a tailored investment portfolio can help achieve this.

When it comes to your business, Alvia can assist in your plans for growth and eventual succession or exit strategy by utilising our extensive network across Australia.

Emerging Professionals
Emerging Professionals

As Albert Einstein expertly noted all those years ago: “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it… he who doesn’t… pays it”.

With a busy career and personal / family life occupying your headspace, there is often little room to focus on your financial wellbeing. The team at Alvia can assist in helping ensure that ‘compounding time’ isn’t wasted and with the establishment of your investment plan today, you can be working towards the achievement of your family’s goals and objectives for the future.

Our Alvia High Conviction Fund provides access to multi-family office investment expertise with an investment minimum much lower than that typically required, making it a great option for initial investing.

Executives and Professionals
Executives and Professionals

At this stage of your life, you have a well-established asset base and healthy, regular cash flows from your employment, however the key question remains – how and where to invest?

The team at Alvia can help you develop a plan that ‘future proofs’ your nest egg so that you can achieve your goals and objectives. Whether it is generating enough wealth for retirement, passing on wealth to children, a significant discretionary purpose or a philanthropic cause, we can assist in developing an investment plan and implementation strategy that considers your risk and return objectives, cash flow requirements and plans for retirement and succession.

History shows that the best approach to investing is staying the course – sticking to a regular investment plan whilst taking advantage of market volatility to opportunistically increase investment levels during times of market panic.

Our investment approach allows you to be as passive or active in investment decisions as you prefer.


The team at Alvia understands that this time can be challenging from a personal perspective.

We can assist with reducing this burden by providing education and guidance with regards to structuring and managing this important inherited wealth, to ensure you and your family can achieve your goals and aspirations for many years to come.

The most practical approach is to establish an investment charter to be agreed by the family, which will then be supported by an implementation plan. This process ensures that all of the family’s goals, objectives and aspirations can be considered when the risk and return objectives for the investment portfolio are established.

We will be your genuine partner and will ensure you have the tools and education needed to be actively involved in the investment journey.

Charities and other organisations
Charities and other organisations

The team at Alvia has extensive experience in managing investment mandates for a wide range of organisations.

Based on the unique goals and objectives of your organisation, Alvia can develop an investment strategy and an implementation plan to ensure that progress is measured and that the strategy can be achieved over the long term.

Alvia’s services are flexible and can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. We can act as the sole investment manager, an investment advisor who manages a range of external managers or as a manager of a particular investment mandate.

Our investment offering covers all the major asset classes which means we can develop a holistic asset allocation solution with the risk and return objectives of your organisation being considered first and foremost.

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